Bold Connect Controller: What functionalities to expect from the Controller?

With the Bold Controller, you can integrate existing wired electronic lock systems like gates, garage doors, or central doors.

You can control and share access from the Bold App and use the push button just like you are used to with the Bold Smart Cylinder.

We recommend checking the specifications of your electronic lock system to confirm compatibility. The Bold Controller relay interface is programmable for different types of electronic lock systems using the Bold App. Possible settings include: Normal Open (NO) vs Normal Closed(NC), Configurable Relay output time, or ON/OFF mode. The maximum switching current is 3A at 250VAC. 

You need to know about the installation because for the Controller functionality, you need to connect the existing electronic lock system to the 2-wire interface on the Bold Connect. We strongly recommend checking your electronic lock system’s specifications to confirm the right push button switch wiring configuration.